You should always keep in mind that keeping your AC maintained will save you a lot of money spent on energy and extends the lifespan of the device. The best time to service your air conditioner is before the cooling session begins. Your cooling device has a heat pump that heats and cools the interior unit and the exterior unit, which should be well maintained.

Below are instructions on how you should service your heating, ventilating, and air condition system.

  1. Switch off the Air Conditioner

Since the air conditioner has moving parts and following the precautions needed when working with any electronics, completely turn off the power supply unit by identifying the exterior shutoff box near the unit without forgetting to turn off the power in your home breaker box.

  1. Remove any particles

Remove the fan can cage outside the condenser by the help of a screwdriver to remove the fasteners, remove the fan grill, and then clean any leaves and other debris in the interior.

  1. Make the fins clean

After removing the outer covers, use a brush and a powerful vacuum to ensure the exterior part is clean, and no debris in between the fins. Please do not use a pressure washer because it can damage the fins or use a recommended fin cleaning spray.

  1. Clean the unit area

After you have straightened any bent fins, replace the fan cage, and ensure that no debris is within the condenser to make sure air flows freely. In the cold seasons, when you are not using the device, you should cover the top with plastic to prevent the entry of dirt to the unit.

  1. Ensure the unit is level on the ground

If the condenser is out of level, it will easily fail, and therefore you are advised to use rot-resistant shims to bring it back to level. After that, clean the evaporator coil using a soft brush to get rid of the dust from the coil and spray it with available nonrinse coil cleaner.

  1. Clean the evaporator drains and change the blow filter.

Since the humid air from your house passes through the evaporator coil, the cold coil absorbs heat from the air and then cools it before it is channeled to your house again. The humidity condenses into water that drips on a pan below then into the drain tube routed to your basement floor drain or outdoors. Overtime mold may develop, and you will be required to detach the drain and use a vacuum cleaner to drain it. The filter in your AC should be replaced at least twice a year before the cooling and heating sessions begin.

After all the steps have been successfully done, you can now turn the power back on and allow your AC to perform its functions.

In conclusion, even though you can carry out this maintenance practice on your own, it’s wise to have an expert and certified technician inspect your device often.