DIY Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation Ideas

It’s a known fact that kitchens are often full of straight lines and hard surfaces. Quite rightly so, I hear you say, but unless you are going for a high-tech sleek and almost clinical look then it is a nice idea to soften the overall feel up a bit. There are a few easy DIY options for doing this, so if you’re looking for an easy project to undertake this weekend then have a quick read.

Go all green – I don’t mean Eco-friendly, although I must say that is a good idea as well of course. What I want to say is to introduce some house plants to the kitchen. Plants and flowers will be a great addition to any kitchen and if you can’t keep the real thing alive then don’t be afraid to fake it. If you don’t go too much over the top it can be a good thing for your kitchen.

Introduce some fabrics – Cushions on the chairs, curtains at the windows – many people don’t bother in the kitchen – and maybe even some soft seating such as a sofa or beanbag if you have enough space in the room. This can be a very stylish addition to your kitchen. Just have an open mind and you can make wonders.

Personal touches are another great idea – Kitchen cabinets can be a bit dull and uniform so break up the look of the room with some pictures and photographs. Kitchens are family-central too, so it is nice to reflect shared memories of holidays and so on.

Books say it all – Cookery books and general interest coffee table books are great talking points in the kitchen, and it is nice to be low-tech and actually turn some pages once in a while rather than viewing everything on screen.

A notice board – Mission control for the whole clan: see who is where and doing what and never forget that sports kit or musical instrument again.

Music Maestro – Listen to music while you cook or just drink tea. Create a mood in your kitchen without too much effort and welcome friends and family to join you. If entertaining friends in your kitchen is something you’ve never done before than go for it and show your friends what you’re made of.

Your very own luxury kitchen – Have some special touches which are just for you: vintage cakes stand for your latest creation perhaps or how about a magazine rack stuffed full of indulgent reads.