Who hears the rippling of rivers will not utterly despair of anything. — Thoreau

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Copper ($500-999)

The Copper River drains an area of the Wrangell and Chugach Mountains the size of West Virginia into the Gulf of Alaska. Beginning almost 300 river miles from the coast, it flows due north off Mount Wrangell before winding west, then southeast, then southwest, traversing dry glaciated country before breaching the otherwise-impassable Chugach into the coastal rainforest. The river is a mile wide at the delta and provides critical habitat for migrating birds. Its salmon, targeted by subsistence, sport, and commercial fishermen alike, are world renowned. This rivers links a diverse array of cultures, economies, and human and natural histories in Alaska. Like your riverine namesake, the positive effects of our Copper level contributors touch nearly everyone in the 49 Writers ecosystem.

Kuskokwim ($1,000-4,999)

The Kuskokwim is the longest free-flowing river in the United States, wide and calm once it tumbles down from its headwater mountains. Conducive to both summer and winter travel, the river aids Yup’ik and Athabaskan people in subsistence activities. The Kuskokwim River covers great distance and ties together otherwise disparate country; likewise, the generosity of our Kusko contributors helps to connect the source and sea of the 49 Writers mission.

Yukon RiveYukon ($5,000+)

Perhaps the most famous river of the north, the Yukon is also the longest river in Alaska or the Yukon. Throughout history it has served as an essential transportation route, and eventually facilitated the Klondike Gold Rush. Yukon means “great river” in Gwich’in, and the river hosts one of the world’s longest salmon runs. Yukon salmon are particularly noted for their rich, oily meat – with such vast distances to cover between the ocean and spawning grounds, the fish need great fat and energy reserves to power their journey upstream into natal waters in Alaska and Canada. As a Yukon level contributor, you are with us for the long run, and your support is crucial to the continuing work of 49 Writers.

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