Maintenance Tasks for your Hot Water Heater

In case your old water heater scalds water, leaks, and has weak water pressure, your device needs maintenance to prevent other risks. Even if you recently installed a water heater in your home, the system will need to be maintained regularly for it to work efficiently. Before you carry out maintenance on your heater, make sure that the energy source is turned off. Electric heaters are turned off using the circuit breaker, while gas heaters you need to extinguish the pilot light.

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Hot Water Heater

Below are essential things that should be done to maintain your water heater.

  1. Flush Out the Heater

Because sediments and other debris build-ups on the bottom of the tank can lead to severe problems, you should always drain the tank once every six months or frequently if the water in your region is hard. This is achieved by turning off the power source, connecting your hose pipe to the drain valve, allowing the water out of the tank, and always being careful because the water is hot.

2. Inspect the Anode

As the primary function of this rod is making sure your heater works properly, it is good that you always check on it because it slowly deteriorates. Sediments attracted to this rod will lead to corrosion, which makes their lifespan less than five years. Check the condition of the anode yearly, and if it looks like 50% damaged, replace it by draining water from the heater tank and finding it on top of the appliance.

3. Water Softener Maintenance

Regions with hard water always have water softeners attached to their water heaters. The plasticizer is made of a resin tank and a brine tank. You should still maintain these components by turning off the softener and allowing water directly into the storage tank without passing through the softener. Use a vacuum to clean the softener system by removing the brine and refilling salt and hot water to the unit until it’s half full.

After reading this article, you are now familiar with maintaining your heater to increase its lifespan. Despite practicing this, a maintained heater may have problems that need an expert in water heater repair services. Call your plumbing repair services if need be. A great option for this in southern Colorado would be Water Heater Repair Colorado Springs. Their expertly trained technicians will ensure your repair or replacement water heater is done correctly and at a fair price.