What to do in The Event of Flood in Your Home

Too much rainfall can easily flood your house floors which may result in a serious mess. Imagine how you will feel having a soaked carpet, sofas filled with water and floating utensils, it may leave you a big question on what you should do to clean this mess. Experts say during a time like this, you should not delay. Take quick action to get rid of the water and repair all the damages caused to avoid mold growth in a few days to come. To ensure you are safe, contact your electrical company if there is a lot of water in the basement to disconnect the electricity and before this is done, don’t touch anything electrical to avoid deadly shocks. Below are five tips to get rid of floodwater in your basement:

  1. Remove water

Get the water out as soon as possible by the use of a wet vac if the water level is as low as standing inch. You can also use the help of your neighbors to ensure the process takes a short time. If the damage caused is big, get in touch with professionals and if it is minor, use dry towels to wipe the water and dry them clean to prevent mold growth.

  1. Dry out the water

Technology has come up with dehumidifiers or fans that move air within the flooded area to reduce the chances of mildew or mold. These devices should be kept not less than six inches away from the walls to ensure that there is good air circulation. Their filters should always be kept clean by cleaning them at least once a week to keep them working efficiently.

  1. Scrub the floor

If your basement has vinyl tiles and other hard surfaces, scrub them by the use of chlorine bleach which should not be more than one cup and add it to one gallon of water. You should wear rubber gloves and glasses for protection and ensure that the room is well ventilated.

  1. Inspect stairways, drains, and gutters

While wearing protective clothing, check the basements stairways and rains to remove any leaves, twigs, and silt. Make sure the drain screen is clean and if need be, use a plunger to clean the drain. Make sure your gutters are also clean.

Rainfall is a good sign of weather and a source of water to both humans and plants but once the amount becomes excess, it can lead to floods which cause crop damage, unnecessary accidents, and many other damages that affect us negatively as humans. If your basement gets flooded, the above steps will ensure that your basement is back to its normal.