Friday, April 11, 2014
6:00-10:30 pm

Sharpen your pencils, re-spool your ribbons, and clear off some hard drive space–it’s time for the 49 Writers Write-a-thon! The Fourth Annual Write-a-thon will take over Snow City Café on Friday, April 11, 2014. Come write with us for four hours, nine minutes, and celebrate your achievements with your peers. To keep you going, we’ll have prize drawings, stretch breaks, and inspiration throughout the night. Plus, we’ll help keep your vitals level with a free buffet on arrival and unlimited caffeine throughout the evening.

Everyone and anyone is invited to participate. Advance registration is $10 for adults and $5 for writers 18 and under. To register, go to the FirstGiving website and click the “Register” button to create your personal Write-a-thon page.

In kinship with other -athons, participants will spend the weeks before the event fundraising. This year, we are asking participants to secure at least $100 in donations. That’s just $10 from 10 friends or $100 from one superfan. All donations, large or small, online or offline, are tax deductible. Plus, did we mention it’s for a good cause?


What is a write-a-thon?

A marathon of writing. Similar to all those other -athons, we’re challenging people to do something for a really long time in support of a good cause. For this event, we’re challenging participants to write for four hours and nine minutes to help support 49 Writers. In the weeks leading up to the event, participants will raise money through pledges using their unique FirstGiving page. Our target is for each participant to raise a minimum of $100 in pledges. All proceeds from the event will be used to help us fund our popular programs and events, such as creative writing classes, Crosscurrents, Reading & Craft Talks, and the 49 Writers blog.

Can you tell me more about 49 Writers?

49 Writers/49 Alaska Writing Center is a local nonprofit dedicated to supporting creative writers from throughout Alaska at all stages of their development, while also building an audience for Alaska literature. The Write-a-thon is our premiere annual fundraising event. Raising money is vital to sustaining our organization and this fundraiser allows us to do this in a way that is both fun and consistent with our mission. If you aren’t familiar with us, find out more information about our history, mission, and future.

So, where is it?

For the third year in a row, the Write-a-thon is again returning to the wonderful Snow City Cafe in downtown Anchorage. The exact address is 1034 W. 4th Ave. Here’s a link to it on Google Maps.

When is it?

This year’s event is Friday, April 11, 2014. The Write-a-thon is held the second Friday in April every year, making it the perfect way to kick off tax weekend!

When does the event start?

The writing starts at 6 p.m. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m., so registrants have time to sign in, mingle and stretch before the marathon.

Can I be early/late/actually on time?

Yes to all those! We’ll have a sign-in booth and information table set up at front throughout the night. Keep in mind though that if you show up earlier than 5:30 p.m., we’ll keep you waiting outside until then. And if you show up after 11 p.m., you’re going to be waiting for another year before the Write-a-thon starts.

When does the event end?

The writing portion of the evening concludes at 10:30 p.m. and the doors close at 11:00 p.m.

Is there a schedule I’ll have to follow?

Certainly not. We’ll be announcing breaks every hour or so with a light ringing of the gong, but you’re welcome to keep racing through the pages as the rest of us take a breather.

Who can participate?

Absolutely anyone! Whether you’ve never written a word in your life or have outproduced R.L. Stine, we welcome you. The Write-a-thon is an all ages, public event.

How do I participate?

Register at FirstGiving. Registration is $10 for adults and $5 for those 18 and under. We’re also asking participants to secure at least $100 in pledges this year.

The website will walk you through setting up your own fundraising page. The page will provide you with room for a photo and message to display to potential sponsors. FirstGiving also provides you the option to generate emails about the event so you can easily ask friends for support. And anytime someone pledges for you, you’ll be notified. The site even lets you send custom, automated thank-you notes to your donors. Most importantly, the site will give you a custom URL for your page that you can post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Do I have to register through FirstGiving?

No, there are a few other ways to sign up. You can email us and we’ll save you a you a seat and help get you started on fundraising. You can also register on-site for a much higher door price ($30).

How do I raise money?

The ways are endless. The easiest way is to share your FirstGiving URL through email and social media. From there, people can make donations with just a few clicks. There are plenty more creative ways to raise money too. Here are just a few.

I don’t know if I can secure $100 in pledges… Help?

If you can get ten people to donate $10, that’s $100 right there. This minimum isn’t nearly as challenging as it might sound. Getting the word out about your involvement is the best way to reach that goal. If you need a jumpstart on fundraising, you can always contact us.

Will there be food and drinks?

Snow City is also catering the event. We’ll open up a buffet of snacks and hors d’oeuvres at 5:30 p.m. There will also be free soda, water, and drip coffee, plus alcoholic and espresso beverages for sale.

What incentives are there?

Hopefully, you’ll get a great piece of writing out of the night. On top of that, we’re going to be giving away prizes throughout the night. We’ll keep this page updated with a current list of all our sponsors donating gifts. Look to the side bar to see who’s pledged so far.

Your dedication and funds raised will also help keep 49 Writers going for another year. Your participation will help us continue to build a strong literary community in the last frontier.

Will this event be loud?

To an extent. Though we’ll do what we can to keep the noise to a minimum, there’s only so much quiet you can guarantee in a room filled with more than 50 people. We’ll have a quiet corner set up, but sound will still travel. If this is a serous worry for you, pack some earplugs into your gear bag before trekking over to Snow City.

Is there any way to participate even if I can’t get to Snow City?

Write-a-thon 2013Yes! The Write-a-thon is open to satellite and cyber participants. You can register through FirstGiving and then write for four hours and nine minutes whenever, wherever. For more information on this and possibly setting up a webcam exchange with the Snow City event, email us.

If you aren’t interested in writing, consider making a donation to one of the participants. Over at FirstGiving, you can view all registered writers here or make a general donation from our front page.

What should I bring?

Bring your writing materials and your ideas. If you think background noise will bother you, bring earplugs. Remember to bring a fully-charged laptop and your charger in case it’s needed. If you plan to buy espresso drinks or alcohol, bring your wallet.

Help! I still have questions.

Email us and we’ll get you answers!